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Making peoples lives better

"Your life, just better."

Vitamindrip® is appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, busy professionals, seniors and everyone in between.

  • Nicola Mimnagh is a Scottish beauty queen who was crowned Miss Scotland 2010 and also Miss United Kingdom 2010 "Vitamindrip® gives me bouncy skin that glows!"
    By - Nicola Mimnagh, just better. Pro Model & Actor
    01-May-2020 05:57 AM
  • "Vitamindrip® puts 100% of the nutrients directly and immediatley into my body to support the recovery process."
    By - Ben Pakulski, just better. Pro Bodybuilder
    01-May-2020 05:55 AM
  • "I would recommend Vitamindrip® to anyone looking for more energy, faster recovery, weight management, stress reduction."
    By - Jana Webb, just better. Real Housewives Of Toronto Tv Star, Joga Founder, Tedx Presenter, Fitness Writer, And Tv Host
    01-May-2020 05:55 AM
  • "Vitamindrip® helps reduce whole body inflammation speeding my recovery time."
    By - Steve Rolls, just better. Pro Boxer
    01-May-2020 05:53 AM
  • "Travelling can really disrupt my routine, making it difficult to eat, drink, exercise and sleep as I would at home. Vitamindrip® helps restore my hydration and maintain a healthy immune system during my travels".
    By - Kamila Drotlef, just better. Pro Model & Actor
    01-May-2020 05:52 AM
  • "Since starting Vitamindrip® I haven't come down with a cold or flu. Amazing!"
    By - Colin Wilson, just better. Pro Hockey Player
    01-May-2020 05:51 AM
  • "A healthy immune system is key to staying in the game".
    By - P.A. Parenteau, just better. Pro Hockey Player
    01-May-2020 05:50 AM
  • "Vitamindrip® improves my mental focus, which is key during races."
    By - Luke Chudleigh, just better. Pro Formula Race Car Driver
    01-May-2020 05:49 AM
  • "Vitamindrip® keeps me energized for days, without the crash."
    By - Mike Van Wyck, just better. Pro Bodybuilder
    01-May-2020 05:49 AM
  • "Vitamindrip® helps me power through training and primed for games."
    By - Zenon Konopka, just better. Pro Hockey Player
    01-May-2020 05:48 AM
  • "It's a really different and unique experience unlike anything I have ever tried before. Vitamindrip® leaves you refreshed and energized for days. Who doesn’t want that in a bag!".
    By - Chad Owens, just better. Pro Football Player
    01-May-2020 05:39 AM
  • "Vitamindrip® rehydrates me after weigh-ins and prepares me for battle."
    By - Samuel Vargas, just better. Pro Boxer
    01-May-2020 05:20 AM
  • "Literally don't know how I'd survive without Vitamindrip®."
    By - Mariah Sampson, just better. Choreographer & Coordinator Raptors 905, Sauga City Dancers Toronto Wolfpack, Toronto SheWolves
    01-May-2020 05:00 AM

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